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Testimonials – Heather

It is not common these days when you have purchased something (in this case a solar system) and it is followed by passionate and knowledgeable customer service.

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Testimonial – Maria DLBS

We did a lot of investigation prior to deciding on a solar system. Adrian gave us by far the most detailed and complete advice of any solar provider and showed us exactly how each system would meet our needs.
He explained things in a way that was easy to understand and clearly showed us how solar energy would benefit our family.

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Testimonial – Michelle

Michelle no longer has to worry about ever increasing power bills thanks to installing solar on her home. That money can now be better spent else where!

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Testimonial – Kim

I first met Adrian about 12 months ago when I was getting quotes for a Solar System for my house.
It was clear to see that he is very enthusiastic about solar energy systems and was keen to offer his knowledge and advice on an appropriate system for my house…

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Testimonial – Ingrid

Your genuine passion for the right solar solution combined with an excellent customer service orientation is a delight to experience in this industry that is often represented by people who want to make a quick buck and move on as fast as they can…

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Testimonial – Vijay

I had a wonderful experience with Adrian who helped me navigate through the confusion of how solar works and what would best suit our family home. Adrian took the time to sit with us and explain how everything works…

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Testimonial – Michael

I have known Adrian since early 2011, after I spoke to a local man about a good reputation person to talk about regarding looking into and setting up a solar system on our property 100 km southwest of Roma. Adrian visited, and we looked at a couple of different options…

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Testimonial – Mick & Cathy

I live in Roma and Adrian came highly recommended from others in the town who had previously dealt with him.

After meeting him I was very happy to purchase system for my business through him. I had been emailing and speaking with him prior to meeting him and then proceeded with a larger system than what was originally discussed…

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Testimonial – Alan

I met Adrian probably about 9 years ago at a home show when I was investigating solar, I immediately recognized that Adrian was someone who knew his stuff intimately and was passionate about finding the right solar solution that delivered what he said it would at a price that I was happy to invest…

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Testimonial – Frances

When Adrian came out to my home, I knew I was in good hands. We spoke about the panel layout and he explained to me the pros & cons. The panels are on my roof the way I asked. My power bill before the Solar System was $1,500, then 1 year later the same billing period with the Solar System was $240.67…

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Testimonial – Angela and Russel

We added to our Solar System in 2018. Adrian was very informative and ensured we received the best solar system to achieve the best results. He has continually kept in contact with us to ensure we are achieving the best productivity out of our solar products…

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