Testimonial – Neale and Gordon

Gordon & Neale, Live in SE QLD between Brisbane and Toogoolawah.

Their new Solar system was installed at Toogoolawah.

Their Power Bills before Solar were $250- $300 per quarter.

Solar Mine QLD Solution:

  • 20 x 320 REC 320N-Peak panels 6.4kW with Fronius Primo 5kW SC Inverter
  • Single Phase Fronius Smart Meter
  • 2 x RS485 to WiFi Converters for wireless meter link to inverter.

The house was built in 1910, which still retains the original timber frame and roof with old metal roof sheets. The house currently receives shading from surrounding trees.
Also located on their property was a new detached granny flat/ home office, which was a better solution, situated approximately 25mts from house. North facing 3 degrees roof pitch, with an insulated awning falling South 3 degrees.

16 panels flat mounted on main roof, with 4 panels tilted to match the main roof.

Estimated Annual Savings $2,000