Testimonial – Mick & Cathy

I live in Roma and Adrian came highly recommended from others in the town who had previously dealt with him.

After meeting him I was very happy to purchase system for my business through him.   I had been emailing and speaking with him prior to meeting him and then proceeded with a larger system than what was originally discussed.    I was very happy with his follow up service, contact and follow up, so purchased another system for my home.      Both systems continue to do well.   Adrian continued to keep in contact with me even after he moved on.      Last year I had a problem with the panels on the business system, Adrian followed up to get someone out to Roma, but I secured someone locally to change the panels.  This person wanted to install a lower grade panel than the original panels but Adrian spoke to that person and ensured that my replacement panels were of higher quality.    I now consider years on I consider Adrian to be a mate and I trust his knowledge, care and understanding of customers is second to none.    I would recommend him to anyone that will listen.  


Mick and Cathy Hearn