Testimonial – Michael

I have known Adrian since early 2011, after I spoke to a local man about a good reputation person to talk about regarding looking into and setting up a solar system on our property 100 km southwest of Roma.  Adrian visited, and we looked at a couple of different options. From this visit and his due diligence, we purchased a 5.17kW Dual Access Solar Tracker at our water bore to supplement the power and feed into the grid. I found Adrian knew what he was talking about and was passionate about his work and the Solar industry. When I need to talk to someone in the Industry Adrian is the one to go to if he doesn’t know who can fix it he will find the right person. For 18 months the System stopped tracking the Sun and faced North.

The Company I brought the System from had gone into receivership and I had lost contact with Adrian and was unable to find anyone else that could fix it.

One day Adrian rang me out of the blue to ask questions about the Tracker, I told him it wasn’t tracking the sun. 2 months later the Tracker was working again. He contacted the Manufacturer in Germany and with their help arranged an Installer to drive the 1000km round trip from Brisbane to work on it and it now works perfectly.

He cares about his customers and their Systems. If you are thinking of purchasing a Solar System, look no further.


Michael Brodie