Testimonial – Ingrid

As you probably remember I was quite hesitant to consider buying another solar system as we don’t understand it well enough to know if what we are buying is going to serve us right. 
A difference you had from the start is that you were not trying to convince us to replace our 5-year-old solar system but suggested a stand-alone addition to it. 
You had lots of previous customers you were able to get me in contact with, so I could check whether what you had recommended actually worked and what the after-sales customer service was like. 

They all provided great feedback, so we went ahead with the system you recommended. We had several issues during installation where the system was not connected properly and similarly the monitoring system was not set up correctly. 
You have been available and assisting all the way to get our issues rectified. Where the staff of the solar company didn’t seem to understand what was wrong you have provided the guidance required to get it fixed. 
As a lay person, it is very easy to get lost in the complexity of it all, but you have been so good in making sure everything is right. 
To know that you are still around to ask questions and deal with issues coming up is great. Even delivering me a batch of spare roof tiles. 

Your genuine passion for the right solar solution combined with an excellent customer service orientation is a delight to experience in this industry that is often represented by people who want to make a quick buck and move on as fast as they can. 



Ingrid - Energy Australia BIll
Ingrid - Energy Australia BIll