Solar Industry News – Trina Solar

The Solar Industry in Queensland have been informed that Trina Solar and the Clean Energy Regulator have identified that incorrect information may be have provided by Trina Solar in regards of certain solar panels, particularly for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC’s).

Industry News - PV Solar Panel Label

How to tell if you’re affected?

Every Solar PV (Photovoltaic) Panel has a label on the underside, which contains the panel specifications, the Manufacturers details, country where it was made, the model name, number of Watts, electrical values (including volts, current etc) as well as dimensions, weight etc.



The CEC regularly inspect Solar Systems, and over a period of time they often discovered that the Trina Solar panels actual electrical values did not match the information on the panels labels or those provided by Trina Solar. The manufacturer was sending panels to Australia that were either not complaint with Australian regulations or the panels were less than what was printed on the label.

Simply Trina Solar was suppling lower grade panels to Australians.


Who to contact if you have Trina Panels?

If you have Trina Panels in stock, contact Trina Solar to find out if they meet the CEC Terms and Conditions.

You can find their contact details from their website here. Alternately, you can also send a photo your Trina Panel and serial numbers directly to CEC at


What happens next?

Any STC claims that have already been approved with non-compliant solar panels installed will be pursued directly with Trina Solar, not the installer, retailer or any other party.

For more information, contact the Clean Energy Regulator.