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REC Panels – Reliability and Efficiency

At Solar Mine QLD by Resourceful Energy, we use only industry leading products, and are proud to provide REC Panels for homes and businesses across Queensland.

You see, not all solar products are created equally. In fact, a substandard, less efficient solar system could bring all of your best environmental and cost-saving intentions to a grinding halt. With REC Panels, you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your system for years to come.

So, what makes REC Solar Panels the best choice for your home or business? It all comes down to high quality products with cutting edge technology, that are installed by experienced professionals and backed by great warranties.

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Total Quality at REC

REC’s all encompassing production quality system begins from the start from the supplier level, right to finished product to the customer.

Solar Mine QLD - Total Quality policy at REC

Outstanding Warranties

You’ll be hard-pressed to find warranties like those you get with REC Solar systems.  A 25 Year Product Warranty is combined with a 25 Year Linear Power Output Warranty, giving you a peace of mind that is almost impossible to find elsewhere.

REC has the lowest warranty claims in the solar panel manufacturing industry world-wide.  Less than 60 Warranty Claims per 1,000,000 Modules– that’s 0.00006%!

REC is an industry leader and a well-established European brand.  They stand by their products and technology, and have the warranties to back them up.

Solar Mine QLD - Outstanding Warranty
Superior Performance

REC solar panels have a far superior output and reliability compared with standard panels.  Their innovative design means that you get much more out of your system, with much higher efficiency and much lower levels of output loss.

Leading industry technology means that REC panels are available in higher watt classes, providing more power output per M² of solar panels installed than other standard panels on the market.  They are perfect for all homes and businesses, especially those with limited space.  REC Solar Queensland means that property owners get the maximum use out of their available space.


Confirmed Assurances

REC’s high quality products is continuing to be confirmed by third party audits.

“MM (Mott McDonal) has formed a very positive opinion of this facility”
Report: Mott McDonals (UK) 2012


“Among most advance manufacturing plants in the industry”
Report: Black & Veatch (US) 2015


“Over all rating of Green (Low Risk, excellent quality)”
Zero critical findings”
Report: SolarBuyer (USA) 2017


How Do They Work?

REC recently announced the Alpha Series of solar panels, which is the world’s highest power 60 cell solar panel.

Without getting overly technical, each REC Alpha Series Panel is designed with revolutionary cell technology. The Alpha technology boost efficiency of the panels designed by industry experts from Germany and Singapore.

The Alpha series from REC is great for tight spaces which makes it perfect for use on rooftops. Customers on average will get over 20% more power from the same area compared to other solar panels, which means more energy from less space!

Product Highlights:

  • Two versions available: with white backsheet (up to 380 Wp), and as a full-black panel for stunning aesthetics (up to 375 Wp).
  • REC’s pioneering and award-winning ‘Twin Panel’ design: Introduced in 2014, this delivers demonstrably better performance in shaded conditions.
  • REC’s commercialized half-cut cell technology: The Alpha features high efficiency n-type mono wafers between thin layers of amorphous silicon.
  • REC’s unique frame design: The 30 mm thin frame construction allows more panels per pallet, an easy installation and allows the Alpha to withstand snow loads of 7000Pa.
  • Industry-leading warranty: 25-year product warranty on installations by REC Solar Professionals (otherwise 20 years), and a 25-year power output warranty.
  • Even better for the environment: Manufacturing of REC Alpha solar panels requires less energy, which is further reducing the carbon footprint.



Solar Mine QLD - REC Panels - Alpha Series

REC is a company known for innovation, efficiency, and reliability.  With such a solid reputation, their products are not available to all installers. Solar Mine QLD by Resourceful Energy is a certified REC Solar Professional, providing exceptional REC Solar Queensland and service statewide.

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