You may have a solar system installed already, or want to take the plunge – but how do you know that your solar panel installation is safe?

Making sure your solar system is up to standard, and solar panel installation is done safely is an absolute must.

If you’ve looked at some of the solar system deals lately, there is no denying that there are some good prices out there.  This doesn’t guarantee safe solar panel installation though, with plenty of under-qualified people out there taking advantage of the government rebates in a poorly regulated industry.

Adrian from Solar Mine QLD recently chatted with Mark Braybrook on 4BC Drive radio, helping to empower listeners who may come across less than proficient or transparent solar providers.

Adrian from SolarMine QLD speaks to Mark Braybrook on 4BC Drive radio

So, what is happening with the solar industry that is so concerning? The Clean Energy Regulator performed inspections of solar panels installed during 2018 in a National Audit of nearly 4000 homes. Out of these homes, one in five had solar systems that were deemed to be unsafe or substandard in nature.

This is a really alarming statistic. According to Adrian, an unsafe solar panel installation isn’t something to be taken lightly – it is a fire hazard. In fact, there have been house fires attributed to poor quality solar products and installation.

You see, solar systems are not created equally. While some companies ensure that they have good quality components that Australians can feel safe with, there are just as many less diligent operators out there who are happy to make quick money with cheap, “pot luck” components and underpaid subcontractors.

SolarMine QLD - Interview with 4BC Drive - Is Your Solar Panel Installation Safe

How do you know if you’re talking to the good guys or the cowboys when you make a solar enquiry? According to Adrian at Solar Mine QLD, your first indication is the out of pocket cost being advertised. Unfortunately, it is a case of you really do usually get what you pay for. If the deal they are offering seems too good to be true, it probably is. Your most valuable asset is not worth risking with an unsafe system.

You also want to know that once your system is installed, your solar provider follows up with a high level of customer service. Not only should they check in to see if you are happy with your new system, but they should also attend onsite with an electrician to make sure it was safely installed and is working efficiently.

What if you already have solar panels installed and are concerned about the quality of the materials and tradespeople you hired? A reputable company that has strict operating criteria can help, by checking over your system with a licensed electrician and giving you an accurate, detailed report.

If you are keen to join the many thousands of Queenslanders who are taking advantage of the incredible sunshine, or have a solar panel installation that you’re not sure about, contact Adrian and the team at Solar Mine QLD today.