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Customer Solutions – Paul

Customer: Paul, Lives in Southport, Gold Coast, QLD

Power Bills Before Solar: $1000 p/q

Solar Mine QLD Solution:

  • 14 x 320 REC N-Peak Panels, 4.48kW
    (Warranty Replacement)
  • 14x 270 Q-Cells Q Power.G5 Panels 3.78kW
  • 1 Fronius 8.2kW Inverter

Financial Solution: A power bill of just $98!

The house was purchased with a system installed. Inverter was not working as could be seen, however unexpected damage was discovered on panels on inspection. The original system install was installed on the western side of the house which was heavily shaded. The manufacturer of the faulty inverter and damaged panels was contacted to ensure that replacements would be sent out under the manufacturer’s warranty. A new solar plan was designed to allow for greater panel efficiency. More panels and a larger inverter were added to better suit the homeowner’s needs.

SolarMineQld - Paul's Solar Solution - Cheaper Bills!
Solar Mine QLD - Customer Solutions - Paul - Southport Solar Panels

Customer Solutions – Alan & Vicki

Customer: Alan & Vicki, live in Samford Valley, North West Brisbane

This was Alan and Vicki’s third system supplied by Adrian, with the first being installed on their previous house. The Second system, a 10.464kW system was installed after the house was built. The plan was always to install another system onto Alan’s Mancave. The 10.464kW system on the house did not cover their power bill so the 6.3kW system was installed to ensure that they would only be receiving credits

Solar Mine QLD Solution:
20 x REC 315W N-Peak Panels
1 x Fronius Symo 5kW inverter
1x Fronius Smart Meter with free WiFi Monitoring(solar production and consumption) connected to existing system

Financial Solution: Credit on the last power bill of $350.76

SolarMineQld - Alan & Vicki - Origin Energy Bill Credit
Solar Mine Queensland - Customer Solutions - Alan & Vicki - Solar Panels
Solar Mine Queensland - Customer Solutions - Alan & Vicki - Solar Panels

Customer Solutions – Candace

Customer: Candace, Lives in Flagstone, SE Qld.

Power Bills before Solar: $350 – $400p/q

Solar Mine QLD Solution:

22 x 295 REC Twin Peak 2 panels, 6.49kW with Fronius Primo 5kW Inverter
Single phase Fronius Smart Meter
14 panels facing N/E & 8 panels facing N/W

Estimated annual savings $2,150

Financial Solution:
With Current Rates of Electricity & Feed in Tariff, no power bills, only power credits. (paid into bank account).
No Deposit Finance provided by Community First Credit Union.
The combined Savings and Earnings on the Electricity Bill is More than the Finance Repayments.
Not only Saving Money, but Making Money from the Solar Mine QLD Solar Solution.

SolarMineQld - Candace - Origin Energy Bill Credit

Candace’s Electricity Bill, wait not a bill, CREDIT. Candace is over the Moon!

Solar Mine Queensland - Customer Solutions - Candance - Solar Panels

Customer Solutions – Neale & Gordon

Customer: Neale & Gordon, Live in SE QLD between Brisbane and Toogoolawah.

Their new Solar system was installed at Toogoolawah.

Their Power Bills before Solar were $250- $300 per quarter.

Solar Mine QLD Solution:

  • 20 x 320 REC 320N-Peak panels 6.4kW with Fronius Primo 5kW SC Inverter
  • Single Phase Fronius Smart Meter
  • 2 x RS485 to WiFi Converters for wireless meter link to inverter.

The house was built in 1910, which still retains the original timber frame and roof with old metal roof sheets. The house currently receives shading from surrounding trees.
Also located on their property was a new detached granny flat/ home office, which was a better solution, situated approximately 25mts from house. North facing 3 degrees roof pitch, with an insulated awning falling South 3 degrees.

16 panels flat mounted on main roof, with 4 panels tilted to match the main roof.

Estimated Annual Savings $2,000


First full Electricity Bill since their System was installed – Nothing to pay, rather $173.15 Credit instead!

Solarmine Solar Solutions - Gordon & Neale Credit
Solar Mine Queensland - Customer Solutions - Case Study 2 - Neale & Gordon - Solar Panels
Solar Mine Queensland - Customer Solutions - Case Study 1 - Inverter 1
Solar Mine Queensland - Customer Solutions - Case Study 1 - Meter Box

Customer Solutions – Richard

Customer: Richard, Lives, Moorooka, SE QLD.

Power Bills before Solar, $650 – $900 p/q for Autumn, Winter & Spring, Summer bills between $1,100- $1,250 p/q.

Solar Mine QLD Solution: 34 x REC 320N-Peak panels 10.88kW with 2 x Fronius 5kW Primo International Inverters, Single Phase Fronius Smart Meter,5kW export limit. Relocation of main power was required, as the cable

5.12kW on house roof (Terracotta), 8 panels east & 8 panels west. 5.76kW on carport roof (Metal), 9 panels east & 9 west. An East/ West orientated System will produce more power in Summer than the same size System North facing will.

Estimated Annual Savings $3,700

The mains power supply to the home needed to be relocated, adding to the total price.

Richard will recoup his total outlay in less 4 ½ years.


For the first time in his life, Richard is looking forward to his Summer Power Bill!

SolarMineQld - Customer Solutions - Richard - AGL Bill Before & After
Solar Mine Queensland - Customer Solutions - Case Study 1 - Overhead
Solar Mine Queensland - Customer Solutions - Case Study 1 - Inverter 1
Solar Mine Queensland - Customer Solutions - Case Study 1 - Inverter 2

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