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So, you’ve started your journey towards sustainable living and are now looking for a trustworthy and top-quality solar panel installer in Queensland. The team at Solar Mine QLD by Resourceful Energy is here to congratulate you on taking this step – you’ll get to enjoy reduced energy bills and feel great knowing that you’re doing your bit for the environment!

Choosing the right solar panel company, however, can be a daunting task. There are lots of companies out there selling cheap systems with subpar installers and virtually no after-sales service. The last thing you want is to find that your efforts – and dollars – have gone to waste.

Solar Mine QLD is a division of Resourceful Energy and provides quality solar solutions with industry-leading service and support. We guarantee that all Resourceful Energy and Solar Mine QLD solar solutions are installed to Clean Energy Council Standards.

Don’t waste money on inferior solar products or service! Talk to Solar Mine QLD by Resourceful Energy.

Solar Mine Qld recently joined forces with the talents of the Resourceful Energy team. This is not just a combining of two companies, but it also brings together the skills, experience, and professional know-how of two powerhouse service providers. All customers who choose Solar Mine Queensland by Resourceful Energy will enjoy the ultimate in renewable energy solutions and service.

We figured out a long time ago that the solar industry is full of cowboys prepared to cut corners to make a quick buck on solar, taking advantage of Australians who want to leave a better world for future generations.

Who can you trust to give you the quality products and service you’re after? Solar Mine QLD by Resourceful Energy!

Solar Mine Qld by Resourceful Energy Testimonials

Customers are saving 1000’s in their energy costs when switching to Solar Mine Qld by Resourceful Energy Solar Solutions. Take a look at their stories to see how much you could be saving!

Testimonials – Heather

It is not common these days when you have purchased something (in this case a solar system) and it is followed by passionate and knowledgeable customer service.

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Testimonial – Maria DLBS

We did a lot of investigation prior to deciding on a solar system. Adrian gave us by far the most detailed and complete advice of any solar provider and showed us exactly how each system would meet our needs.
He explained things in a way that was easy to understand and clearly showed us how solar energy would benefit our family.

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Testimonial – Michelle

Testimonial – Michelle

Michelle no longer has to worry about ever increasing power bills thanks to installing solar on her home. That money can now be better spent else where!

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Solar Mine Qld by Resourceful Energy Reviews

See what others are saying about their reduced energy bills after installing with Solarmine Qld by Resourceful Energy

SolarMine QLD - Solar Panels Testimonials


“We shopped around and what made us choose Adrian and the team was the excellent service and honest advice. The end result was our first bill costing us just $21 which is a brilliant result.”


“Adrian, knows his solar, always has time to explain if you have a question and is always contactable.

The installation crew were here on time, did a wonderful job installing the solar panels and explained how it all worked, leaving the premises neat and tidy. The whole experience has exceeded my expectations and the solar system is pumping out the KWh. Got my first electricity bill since going solar and have reduced my bill from $900 a quarter to $195 a quarter.”

SolarMine QLD - Solar Panels Testimonials


“Adrian, was great from the a sales perspective and follow up. Installation was trade quality, professional with packaging and waste totally cleaned up afterwards…

All I wanted was a quality system and at a good price with the BS some give. This was achieved with Adrian.

My advice to others, be careful there are some sharks out there.

Thanks guys”


“From start to finish, it was a totally positive experience. From the quote and information from Adrian to the installation crew and again the follow up service from the office and Adrian again – really happy. The install was tidy, and done on time, and the boys were great on the day. Even now, Adrian occasionally call to let me know how the system is working and providing further advice. Would recommend to anyone out there looking at solar. Thanks.”

Paul & Noela

“…A great experience from the first contact with Adrian – excellent knowledge of all aspects of solar and assisted with how every aspect of our new system works, and his experience and knowldge made the choice of which system to install so easy. With the education given, we were confident that we had chosen the best system for our situation. Installation was completed much faster than we anticipated, workmanship excellent, and our property left tidy…

Follow up from the office was excellent, as was the follow up from Adrian after installation was completed. 

We’re very happy with the service and product!”


“Orginal review we did very quickly, not long after the system was insalled. Adrian has come out twice to help with the monitoring and to recently reconnect our system to the internet.


Solar Mine QLD by Resourceful Energy - Queensland Solar Panels

A Letter from Adrian – Solar Mine QLD

I have worked in the area of sales and consultancy within the solar industry since 2008 and fell in love with the industry, the results that could be achieved for the customers, as well as the satisfaction that my customers saved money and that it helps the environment.   As time went on, I became increasingly frustrated and disheartened with the way some companies and individuals conducted business, whilst showing complete disregard for their customers. I witnessed poor quality installation, inferior products, no follow-up service, and sometimes straight out lying to their customers. I also saw companies occasionally failing to adhere to Industry Standards and regulations.

Happy with the knowledge that my customers appreciated the level of customer service they had received, I knew there had to be a better way.  Solar Mine QLD by Resourceful Energy has been established with you, the customer, in mind to deliver a service that you would expect when investing in your future.   Many within the industry are happy to take your money and never deal with you again.  Not so with us – a better Solar solution.

From the initial contact, installation, commissioning, documentation, and setting up and training of web-based system monitoring, to which power provider will give you the highest return for your investment, you’ll experience a better Solar solution with Solar Mine QLD by Resourceful Energy.

A Division of Resourceful Energy – making our service better than ever

In order to provide an even better service than ever below, Solar Mine Queensland has now joined forces with Chris Thomson and his fantastic crew, becoming a division of Resourceful Energy. A qualified electrical tradesman with a Bachelor of Engineering Technology and more than 30 years’ technical experience in the Power and Energy Industry, combining skills, passion and experience with Chris’ is a new and powerful step forward.

The Solar Mine QLD by Resourceful Energy team is focused on delivering the best solar solutions our customers’ money can buy.  We hope other solar companies will follow suit and lift their standards, rather than go the quick, cheap, and easy route.

Solar Finance Available

Solar Mine QLD by Resourceful Energy can provide your home or business with finance solutions provided by

For Residential and Commercial Customers:

Finance available through Solar & Energy Finance

Latest Solar News

Solar Industry News – Trina Solar

The Solar Industry in Queensland have been informed that Trina Solar and the Clean Energy Regulator have identified that incorrect information may be have provided by Trina Solar.

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Is Your Solar Panel Installation Safe?

Is Your Solar Panel Installation Safe?

Adrian from Solar Mine QLD recently chatted with Mark Braybrook on 4BC Drive radio, helping to empower listeners who may come across less than proficient or transparent solar providers.

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